Charity and music have shared a bond for a while now with some big name artists joining together to raise money for various causes by releasing the so called 'charity single'. Inspired by 'Help is...

Girl Friend - Good Morning

Struggling to find the right words to go with Good Morning, the latest slice of brilliant 80s-flecked pop / disco / indie / gorgeousnes from Manchester's Girl Friend, I realise after a while that the...

Arctic Monkeys - AM

'Five albums in, and The Arctic Monkeys are no longer the cheeky new scamps from their fastest ever selling debut British album. Clearly, many believed the hype: should that belief hold firm this far down...

Sleepy Hahas - Deep River

Sleepy Hahas bring heavy duty psych-fuzz sounds and a series of black and white figures, shapes and characters that may or may not have some deep meaning that I'm not quite able to fathom in...

Funeral Advantage - You Sat Alone

You Sat Alone was released just over a month ago, as a prelude to Body is Dead, the new album from Funeral Advantage. And what a prelude it is! Dream pop for dreamers to dream...


'Think of the Sunshine is the first new track from the recently reformed Hurricane #1. Back together minus Andy Bell the band are ready to release their first new material since their second album Only...

Pink Film - Trouble

The new single from London quartet Pink Film, Trouble is a four-minute parade of harmonies, melody, with a restless rhythm section outer shell and a sweetly pyschedelic filling.

Trust Fund - Football

Football features power pop with a kick (pun semi-intended), a message of ambiguous relationships with the beautiful game, and a retro Bristol City FC kit.

Jemima Surrender - Or Anyone

The video for Or Anyone doesn't take itself too seriously; all the while a violent but perfectly harnessed storm whips up around Millie Phipps' stunning vocal as the track treads its relentless, sinister path.

Flyte - Please Eloise

Please Eloise is the latest effortlessly perfect pop creation to roll off the sparkling Flyte production line.

This Is How It Feels To Be Indie - The Indie Vigil 5


Your weekly six picks comes to you a day early this week. It's my birthday, you see, and you're invited to a Six Picks birthday party.

The Orielles - Joey Says We Got It

Joey Says We Got It is a killer track with lushness and light mixing it nicely with lo-fi roughness: sometimes it's slick, occasionally it's raw and just about holding together, overall it's top-notch lo-fi.

The Duke Spirit return with new album and London show

The Duke Spirit have announced that they are back with a new album and live date, leading with a brand new track from forthcoming album KIN (due out early in 2016). You can listen to...

Western Scene - See What You Want To

Western Scene have released a new video for their single See What You Want To. Shot entirely using an iPhone 6, it explores the dynamics of two people experiencing a relationship with entirely different perspectives....

Crepes - Size Of Your Town

Size of Your Town is the latest single from Melbourne's Crepes. Taken from their debut EP Cold Summers, the track and its video pay homage to the regional Victorian town of Ballarat

Summer Heart - Nothing Can Stop Us Now

One man summer vibe campaign David Alexander continues his mission to bring subtle sunshine into your life with Nothing Can Stop Us Now, the new single from Summer Heart.

Listen to the debut album from Fell Runner

Fell Runner are a new band based in Los Angeles, mixing indie rock riffs with all sorts of shifting and interlocking rhythms. The combination comes from the quartet's desire to "blow off steam" during their...

Swerve - Aw Hell

Aw Hell is the new single from LA rock band Swerve. You might detect REMishness in some of the guitar lines, mixed with a kind of brit-pop, brit-rock downstroke.

Pale Honey - Over Your Head

Pale Honey are Swedish duo Tuva Lodmark (guitar / vocals) and Nelly Daltrey (drums). Over Your Head is their new single. Its laid back coolness doesn't need any help from me.