Inchoate Observations On The State Of Things

In case you didn't already notice it from the army of bulldozers clawing mercilessly at the cultural landscape, today's giddy feeding frenzy is pretty much the perfect storm as far as the great minds behind...

Acre Tarn - Flex

Acre Tarn is the electronic music project of Anna-Louisa Etherington, a singer/producer originally from the Lake District. Flex is the first track from Acre Tarn's forthcoming second EP. It's as stunning as this text so...

Everything you need to know about that new Adele single

Happy Global Adele Release Day everyone! ICYMI (somehow), here's what I learned about Hello from Twitter over the course of an hour or two this morning.

Tale Of Us - Silent Space

Silent Space trips along to the sound of an erratic sonar pulse. A sort of LSD Dalek interrupts part-way through, and there's a bit where I feel like I'm the living soul of a rapier...


Six songs about Autumn, picked by me, loved or discovered by you. Features Yo La Tengo and historical language facts.

New Manners - Give Me Your Bones

Give Me Your Bones is the title track from the forthcoming second EP by New Manners. It is "equal parts The Photo Album and Strangeways, Here We Come". I'm sure there are some other parts...

This Is How It Feels To Be Indie - The Indie Vigil 10

'Week #10 of The Indie Vigil brings you more greatness, old, borrowed and new. This week we have tracks from Inspiral Carpets, Northside, and Slow Readers Club.'

PROM - I'll Teach You

Some noisy noise here from PROM that one way or another you're gonna love. Could be the snarl ("I'll teach you how to play. Now"), could be the guitar punch 'n slash, could be some...

Rolling Blackouts - Tender is the Neck

Tender in the Neck's intro bars create sweet anticipation, answered in the storytelling of the lyric, and the harmonies of the chorus, and the strumming of the guitars, and the roll of the melody.

HOO HAs - Yankee

To get an idea of what Yankee sounds like, imagine a slacker punk Courtney Barnett singing about 'the lust for finding purpose and happiness as the world seemingly descends into Malthusian turmoil'.

Cheatahs - Su-Pra

At the same time steady and droning but also wildly oscillating and dissonant, Su-Pra is a glorious noise-feast.


There's nothing underhand or tricky about today's six picks: no invisible ink, no dead drops, not even a pair of eye-holes cut into the page of a newspaper. No code to decypher, just six great...

This Is How It Feels To Be Indie - The Indie Vigil 9

'Week #9 of The Indie Vigil brings you more greatness, old, borrowed and new. This week we have tracks from Last Party, Galaxie 500, and Evans The Death.'

Camera Obscura - The Sweetest Thing

Waking up to a Monday morning, bright and clear and refreshingly Autumnal, I find a hole in the pit of my stomach. There may be anxiety at the week ahead, but if there is it's...

Inspired And The Sleep - In My Labyrinth Mind

What makes In My Labyrinth Mind tick, what anchors the song, is a certain funkiness of groove provided by the rhythm section, aided by some psychedelic swishes and a fair helping of sax towards the...

Young Hunting - Blue Dream

'Blue Dream: an accidental discovery, which led to a long post about the wonder of serendipity.'

Call Me Jolene - Diner

You turn to twitter and spot a conversation involving Martin Rossiter. He's talking about a guitar solo at the end of a song that one person has said sounds a little like the Manics. The...

Medlow - Emotion

The big boomy drum fills followed by the song's chorus could see Emotion soundtracking some future dsytopia that's two thirds chrome, one third sax.

Cappa - Other Girls

Other Girls sets me thinking about how pop is good, pop is fun, and how pop was my first love and I will not be shamed into pretending it never happened. Join my club!

Joy Atlas - Notice It All

Notice It All is the second single from Joy Atlas. Soaring synths and horns make it something pretty special.