Western Scene have released a new video for their single See What You Want To. Just as Simon & Garfunkel told us that a man “hears what he wants to hear, and disregards the rest”, this track from Tom Pritchard and Emily Wilder is a story about the dynamics of two people experiencing a relationship with entirely different perspectives. The stop-motion video for the single was created and directed by Wilder (who also fronts the all-girl band, Wet & Reckless), and shot using nothing more than an iPhone 6. It depicts her take on the song, drumming up past experiences to interpret her own story. The hand-crafted wooden characters that appear in the video were built by the duo in their woodshop in South Central Los Angeles.

During the shooting process the two began writing together (a union thankfully in contrast to the song’s central conceit) - the fruits of which will appear on a forthcoming EP.

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