This week Six Picks brings you six songs about cake, the makers of cake that bake them, and their cake-making premises.

Foreign Architects - Fall

With airplay, support slots, and festival appearances all in place, Foreign Architects have had a pretty good 2015 whichever way you slice it. New single Fall is only going to make it better.

This Is How It Feels To Be Indie - The Indie Vigil 8

'Week #8 of The Indie Vigil brings you more greatness, old, borrowed and new. This week we have tracks from The Levellers, Oasis and The Struts.'

Hunny - Parking Lot

Funkier than your average bass and sweet stylistic shifts make Parking Lot easy to recommend.

Beach Baby - Limousine

It's only been six short months since Beach Baby released their debut single Ladybird. With Limousine, their third single getting its premier from Zane Lowe on Beats 1, it doesn't take a genius to spot...

Coast Modern - Hollow Life

I needed something to take me away. I listened to the carefree, want-away Hollow Life. Job done.

Two Cartoons - Males

Now a three-piece, on 'Males' Two Cartoons are just as vibrant and catchy as before, but now with added beef.

Skies - Feel Like It

Feel Like It is the first single from synth duo Skies. It's a monstrously huge track- absolutely cavernous, believe me.

Ryan Adams - 1989

I wasn't even sure I was going to review **1989**. Having originally written my copy in the style of Paul Morley channeling Lester Bangs, I was on the verge of hitting the big red 'Publish'...

Joey Fourr - Playy

'Something slinky for the weekend? '

Various Artists - This is England '90 - Original Soundtrack

Snatches of dialogue from the series, along with variety, new tracks and thoughtful curation raise this above your average old skool compilation.

Rob Bravery - Broom Cupboard

'Hints of Richard Swift meets Sondre Lerche (plus maybe a touch of Ed Harcourt) in Broom Cupboard, the new single from Bristolian artist Rob Bravery. '

Gengahr - Tired Eyes

'Just to show that they are brimming with ideas and spare material, Gengahr surprise us all with a brand new EP. This is Gengahr, no doubt: Bushe’s high-pitched misty vocals and jangling guitars all delivered...


Super, smashing great. Only one of these describes a recent moon, but all of them can be applied to this week's six picks, featuring Neil Young, Belly, Nick Drake and more...

Spirit Animal - Regular World

Heavy on the riffage from the outset, Regular World reveals more strands of considerable interest than you might expect after the first couple of bars.

This Is How It Feels To Be Indie - The Indie Vigil 7

'Week #7 of The Indie Vigil brings three more great tracks - one old, one borrowed and one new. This week we have tracks from The Teardrop Explodes, The Fall and The Vryll Society.'

Sports - Get Bummed Out

Wild, ebullient garage indie-pop deserves a place in everyone's heart. Especially when it's as captivating and distractingly melodious as Get Bummed Out, the new single from Sports.

Mountains of the Moon - Translucent Amber

Translucent Amber is the debut release by Swedish folk rock band Mountains of the Moon. As debuts go, it's up there with the loveliest and the warmest.

Wedding - Ruth

Ruth is the first track from the self-titled debut EP by Wedding. It's warm and nostalgic, just the way analogue intended.

What Have The 1960s Ever Done For Me?

I'd always had this feeling that the 1970s had more influence on my musical soul, and that the '60s were not nearly as well represented in my music collection. On (lengthy) reflection, that might not...