Fell Runner are a new band based in Los Angeles, mixing indie rock riffs with all sorts of shifting and interlocking rhythms. The combination comes from the quartet’s desire to “blow off steam” during their study of Jazz and West African music. What they’ve produced comes across as spontaneous and living, growing and evolving as the songs progress, with melodies and the rhythms that underpin them criss-crossing in a constant search for a stable center.

You can stream the album in full on Soundcloud or on Bandcamp right here:

Fell Runner is out now, on Orenda Records. A release party/show is taking place on September 13th, at the Bootleg Theater, LA.

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We're getting so excited for this show! Some special surprises in store..https://www.facebook.com/events/407059502821595/

Posted by Fell Runner on Tuesday, 25 August 2015