Think of the Sunshine is the first new track from the recently reformed Hurricane #1. Back together minus Andy Bell (off performing other reunion duties with Ride) and fronted by Alex Lowe the band are ready to release their first new material since their second album Only the Strongest Will Survive came out back in 1999.

Considering the travails (cancer, followed by chemotherapy…) that led to him writing the bulk of the new material from a hospital bed, Lowe has found a surprising brightness in Think of the Sunshine. Coming out of the gate just a little like Dodgy’s summertime Britpop hit Staying out for the Summer, it quickly morphs into its own A-grade good old British guitar rock/pop space: think the mid ’90s channelling the mid ’60s but don’t think “what - really? do we need more of that sort of thing?” because you can never have too mutch catchy.

Find What You Love And Let It Kill You (the album shares its name with a quote often attributed, but almost certainly wrongly, to a line from a Charles Bukowski letter) is out on November 26th, on Tapete Records.