Shakes - Hole in your Pocket

Hole in Your Pocket is the debut single from Shakes - a new five-piece formed by five New Zealand friends who decided to 'make music from the sounds that most inspire them: fuzzy guitars, beat-era...

Wildling - Heart of Gold

Wildling's debut EP will be released in October. Ahead of it comes a cover of Heart of Gold. A brave choice: Wildling nail it.

The Passion Bearers - The Hours

Call me lazy if you must, but I think the music speaks for itself on The Hours, the debut single from the very appropriately named Passion Bearers. Which is why I'm not going to add...

Bank Holiday

Summer is nearly over, but this weekend represents one last chance to get the barbecue and brolly combo going, or spend half a day bickering on the way to a seaside town they forgot to...

The Persian Leaps - Dottie, Queen of the West

Minnesota trio The Persian Leaps have announced the release of their third EP, High & Vibrate, and a new single, Dottie, Queen of the West. Both are sure to demonstrate once again the band's keen...

This Is How It Feels To Be Indie - The Indie Vigil 3

'Week #3 of The Indie Vigil features tracks from The Bluetones, John Butler Trio and Ground Pilots.'

Cheatahs - Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters is the first release from Mythologies, the forthcoming second album by Cheatahs. The band's self-titled debut just slipped into our Top 10 albums of 2014, and as a first taste of the follow-up...

Gunship - Tech Noir

Featuring brilliant retro claymation from Lee Hardcastle, Tech Noir is pure awesomeness in video form from Gunship.

Oak Tree Suite - Lo Ammi

'Lo Ammi is a song crafted with maturity: a song of reflection that shuffles forward but takes surprising twists along the way. '

Silverbird - Lyfe

'Lyfe: simple truths, stated simply. Played easily, played naturally. Easy to love, easy to recommend.'

Viola Beach - Swings & Waterslides

Viola Beach have announced the upcoming release of their debut single Swings & Waterslides - a tantalising first taste of what we're hoping will be another high-quality indie-disco outfit to add to the RRP collection....

Gems - Living As A Ghost

Living As A Ghost is the devastatingly brilliant new single from Gems, from their forthcoming album Kill The One You Love.

HÔN - Honeydream

Honeydream sweeps you up and onto its wing, sending you gliding through a world of soft cascading vocals and a truly wonderful chorus.

Daisy Victoria - Pain of Dancers

Wary of playing a game of musical comparisons, we have to admit there are good reasons why names like PJ Harvey and Kate Bush are being dropped in sentences also containing the name Daisy Victoria....

IYES - Lions

Lions is the final track on Part One, the debut EP from IYES. It is a dreamy confection, a glorious concoction, a wonderful way to round out your first release.

Gengahr announce UK tour support, release tour video

Gengahr have announced the supports for their upcoming UK and European headline tour. The band will be joined by their friends Oscar, Cash+David and Puma Rosa for their Autumn dates. The band have also shared...

Swiss Lips - Got It Bad

Sad news, as Swiss Lips have announced that they are to split. To sweeten the pill they have today released Got It Bad as a free download, and a second album, Overflowing Futures, featuring a...

The Palms - Breaking (In The Summer)

The Palms are LA duo Ben Rothbard and Johnny Zambetti, two members of Terraplane Sun breaking out on their own with their self-titled debut EP


Football, eh? Love it or loathe it, you can't always avoid it. Not even here, I'm afraid. Luckily you don't have to give a hoot about the beautiful game to admire these songs about footballers...

This Is How It Feels To Be Indie - The Indie Vigil 2

The very first This is how it feels to be indie radio show last week went down very well indeed. Despite a few minor nerves (so he says, although I didn’t hear any), Adam did...