This is the point in proceedings where I discover something special languishing in my drafts folder and wonder if maybe I should introduce a better filing system. But would yet another new way of making a to-do list really solve the problem? I can never be sure, and there never seems to be enough time to get to the root of the problem because as soon as I pull out a track to listen to I am already lost - another castaway on the desert island paradise of new music. You Sat Alone was released just over a month ago, as a prelude to Body is Dead, the new album from Funeral Advantage. And what a prelude! Strong bass over occasional guitar chimes and a whispered echoing vocal conjure a dream-state from which it’s difficult (and unnecessary, frankly) to rise.

You can buy Body is Dead from Funeral Advantage’s Bandcamp page:

And you can catch Funeral Advantage on tour in September:

Funeral Advantage Tour