Please Eloise is the latest effortlessly perfect pop creation to roll off the sparkling Flyte production line. I know that might make it seem like these guys find it easy to write such finely honed tracks, but really I have no idea how much sweat, or how many tears, falling outs, group hugs and breakthrough moments it takes Flyte to incubate, hatch and nurture each of their creations. What we do know is that having previously written about We Are The Rain, Where Nobody Knows Your Name and Closer Together, with Please Eloise we bring to four our personal count of Flyte highlights. There will be more.

Please, please, please Eloise

Don’t believe what you see on the TV screen

All I need’s a soul to squeeze Eloise

Not a Chelsea daughter, sparkling water, sweetener in your tea

Oh please, please, please Eloise

Don’t believe what you see in a dying breed

All your secrets safe with me Eloise

You can tell yourself you’re someone else but all I’ll ever see

Is you Eloise

Just you Eloise

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