Pale Honey are Swedish duo Tuva Lodmark (guitar / vocals) and Nelly Daltrey (drums). Over Your Head is their new single. Its laid back coolness doesn’t need any help from me. It’s Steve McQueen. It’s Jimmy Dean. Heck, it’s Paul Newman in those bits where he’s being really cool. Probably in Cool Hand Luke, or something else but definitely the world cool is in there somewhere, I know that much.

Like we said about them last time, when we covered Youth, despite being a duo, Pale Honey manage to capture textures in a way that belies their numerical scarcity. Far from the chugging inevitability of some duos, the pair know instinctively that less is not necessarily less: inaction is as powerful a force as action; space is not empty; a pause is not a void. A deafening explosion is only one way to bring something massive down: a gentle push in the right place can also topple any structure.

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