This is how it feels to be Indie - Show 5 - Radio Scarborough by Adam Jeffery on Mixcloud

Welcome to your weekly catch up on the “This Is How It Feels To Be Indie” radio show hosted by Adam Jeffery on Radio Scarborough.  Last week’s show brought us some great tunes from the likes of Carter USM, the Happy Mondays, Feeder and Cast.  Adam also continued to give us a taste of something new by playing songs from bands Clemency and Neon Waltz.  In fact, you can check out the full track listing on the Indie Radio Facebook page to get the complete rundown.

The second “The Best of a Best Of” took place last week with a little help from Everything Indie Over 40. Now, I called EIO40 lovely last week and I think I may have made him blush just a little bit!  Anyway, this week’s album was The Complete Stone Roses, which seemed to cause a lot of twittering online as it was debated which was the best song from the album.  The winning track in the end was I Wanna Be Adored, which was played on the show.  Did you vote for it and get a shout out live on air?  If not, don’t worry, keep a look out on Twitter for next week’s album and give it your vote.

Also, as well as the weekly guessing of “Johny’s Lost Indie Classics”, Johny introduced his song ‘I Once Had A Dream But I’m Alright Now’ which is part of his The Broken Heed album. The album of 10 tracks has been recorded with all profits going to the charity CALM.  RRP is proud to support this and you can find out more about it and how to buy the album on the site here.

If you missed last week’s show, fear not, you can listen to it again on Mixcloud here.

Last week’s ‘The Indie Vigil’ featured David Bruce; my Monster Munch reference seemed to get a bigger response than the rest of the article!  I’m thinking that perhaps if Gary Lineker ever gives up his contract with Walkers crisps that Mr Bruce might be a good replacement…

So, this week we have another well-known member of the community, blogger and the voice of Goldfish Radio, it’s Mr Rob Morgan.  But before we get into his track choices, let’s have a little bit of background about Rob first:

“I’m just on the wrong side of mid-forties, am proudly Welsh without speaking a word of the language and have a longstanding love of music - pop, indie, psych, library music, ambient and all sorts of music in between. I love music for the memories it conjures and that’s what I write about at Goldfish.  I’m always looking for the next pop thrill, whether it be a new band or an old song I’ve never heard before”.

And here are Rob’s track choices for old, new and borrowed:

Something Old

The Field Mice - Sensitive

First heard on Peel’s 1989 Festive 50, this is a life changing record for me, introducing me to Sarah Records and the world of indie jangle pop I had previously dismissed as trivial and wimpy.  Indie pop ain’t noise pollution and the Field Mice produced some of my favourite music ever and are finally getting the respect they never received at the time.

Something Borrowed

Pale Saints - Sight of You

Back when I was in college in the early 90s, my mates and I would swap CDs. One time I borrowed “The comforts of madness” by Pale Saints from a friend and lent him “Uh! Tears baby!” by Win in return. (Win being Davy Henderson’s band between the Fire Engines and Nectarine #9). We never swapped the CDs back, and we lost touch and when I look at prices of that Win CD on eBay I wince. Still, I have the Pale Saints. Bring the noise.

Something New

Eyelids - Forget About Tomorrow

It was Tim Burgess and Everything Indie Over 40 who put me onto Eyelids. Tim had tweeted they were his new favourite band and EIO40 RT’d it. I gave the song a go, and blow me down, it was like the return of [artistname]Teenage Fanclub[/artistname]. Their debut LP was issued in the US last year, but is now available in the UK and well worth a listen.

And there you have it.  Many thanks to Rob for sharing his track choices with us and go and check out his ‘A Goldfish Called Regret’ WordPress page (link above).  I honestly don’t think I have ever put as many hyperlinks into one article as this one so this is a record for me!  Make sure you click them all!!

Remember, if you want to get involved email Adam at and include why you’ve picked the songs and a bit about yourself so we can feature your story on these very pages.

Due to the importance of going to see The Bluetones in concert next week (which is highly important) there isn’t going to be a show.  But rest assured, Adam will be back the following week with an Indie Vigil worth listening in for.  So, please come and join us for a catch up in two weeks along with a replay of the selected tracks.

And finally, as always, don’t forget to tune in to on a Wednesday night to hear some great music and chat.