Swerve - Everything

As everything develops, a little extra riff gets added here, a harmony is dropped in there, and new vocal melodies are found here, there and everywhere.

Cavalry - Soak

Atmosphere. By God there's some of it floating around at the start of Soak, the new track from Liverpool's Cavalry.

Lila Rose - This Could Be Ha

On This Could Be Ha, Lila Rose plays it intense once more, with another dramatic and fierce single and cinematic video.

Butterfly Child - Lost in These Machines

For anyone into the melodic end of the shoegazing and dream pop spectrum, the sound of Lost in These Machines - a new track from Butterfly Child - dropping languidly from the heavens 17 years...

Spectres - Spectre

Here's "not the Spectre theme" by "not Sam Smith". I'm sure we can all agree that it would have made a better choice.

Cheatahs - Signs to Lorelei

Cheatahs have shared Signs to Lorelei, a new track from their forthcoming second album, Mythologies, due out at the end of next month.

Mainland - Not As Cool As Me

From the opening words - "Girl you suck!" - it's pretty clear where Not As Cool As Me is going, emotionally speaking. And goes and goes, and doesn't let up.


Surprise! Bet you didn't predict this week's six picks, eh? Enjoy six of the best from Ballboy, Belle and Sebastian, Kristin Hersh, Turin Brakes, Radiohead, and The Folk Implosion.

Delamere - Heart

Stoke's Delamere have gone sincere and gone big on their fourth release, Heart. A huge, clean, guitar and synth driven indie-pop anthem, it demands to be heard and repeated.

King Colour - You Just Don't Know It Yet

Take a little funk, a little of that Mac DeMarco guitar wobble, and a little personal confession and the result is You Just Don’t Know It Yet, the fourth single from Sydney's King Colour.

This Is How It Feels To Be Indie - The Indie Vigil 6

'Week #6 of The Indie Vigil features tracks from Inspiral Carpets, The Bluetones, and Ash.'

Tindersticks announce new album, The Waiting Room

22 years on from their self-titled debut, Tindersticks have announced the release of their 10th studio album, The Waiting Room, featuring a guest appearance by Jehnny Beth of Savages and a short film to accompany...

Pumarosa - Priestess

Priestess, you dance, you dance, you dance is the nagging, bewitching chant from Muñoz-Newsome as electronics and guitars meld and the groove sweeps you along, the drone somehow never muddying the waters.

Saltwater Sun - Making Eyes

Having made waves with their debut release Habit On My Mind earlier in the year, Saltwater Sun have announced the follow-up, Making Eyes. Both tracks, along with the title track, feature on the band's debut...

Intertwine - My Only Lie is Silence

My Only Lie is Silence is the second single from electro-ambient Norwegian artist and architect Tarjei Ekelund, aka Intertwine. Tarjei is open about his own introverted nature, and admits this personal song examines just that....

Pretty City - Melt

Melt is at the heavy, gritty end of shoegaze. Its nu-gaze smashed on the rocks textures are ones you might find in the crater of an active supervolcano.

Thee Mightees - Awkward Dreams

Awkward Dreams is the second of two tracks just released by Sheffield's Thee Mightees. Both tracks are taken from their debut album Smiling (release date TBC), and both reveal a fondness for summery lo-fi indie-pop....

Chaika - The Mirror

Formed in late 2014, Chaika are a garage/psych four-piece from Leeds who've been gaining themselves something of a reputation as a force to be reckoned with on the live scene.

Everything by Electricity - High

Working from the ground up, honing their live set, getting a debut album all but ready, sneaking the odd radio play here and there, and being covered on little old sites like ourselves has been...

Static in Verona - Odd Anthem

Odd Anthem is, if you'll excuse the obvious album title callback, the sound of one man trying to out-anthem himself. And winning at it.