Joey Says We Got It is the new single from Halifax surf pop trio The Orielles. In their own words:

We’re really looking forward to getting involved with Cassette Store Day with this single and it’s also an added bonus that it’s our first release available in the US! The single itself is one of the newest tracks we’ve written so it’s still really fresh and exciting for us to play. We’re really psyched for people to hear it for the first time. We think that this track exhibits a wide range of our musical influences especially towards the end where we experimented with a few new sounds that gave the song a new vibe.

In our words: it’s a killer track with lushness and light mixing it nicely with lo-fi roughness. Sometimes slick, occasionally raw and just about holding together, the shift between the two as the chorus kicks in is pretty much guaranteed to win you over.

The Orielles - made up of sisters Esme and Sid Hand-Halford and friend Henry Wade - formed after meeting at a house party, with the sisters only learning how to play their instruments after getting the band together. That and their love of DIY methods and riot grrrl bands and California groups informs the band’s take on lo-fi.

Joey Says We Got It will be released on 17th October 2015 as part of this year’s Cassette Store Day. The track will be released via Weiner Records on cassette, as well as being part of a cassette release by Alcopop! and Superfan99.

Tour Dates

September 26th - The Victoria Idaho 3, London

September29th - The Polar Bear, Hull

October 18th - Texture (for A Carefully Planned Festival), Manchester

October 20th - Headrow House (Beacons), Leeds

October 30th - The Cornershop, Sheffield

November 8th - SWN Festival, Cardiff

November 14th - The END Festival, London

November 19th - Bungalows & Bears (w/ Craft Spells), Sheffield

December 12th - Deaf Institute, Manchester