This Is How It Feels To Be INDIE! - Broadcast 21/10/15 by Radio_Scarborough on Mixcloud

Welcome to your weekly catch up on the This Is How It Feels To Be Indie radio show hosted by Adam Jeffery on Radio Scarborough. Last week’s show featured all the usual great music including The Inspiral Carpets, Pele, and The Milltown Brothers. Adam also played tracks by The Wedding Present and The Woodentops in honour of his upcoming visit to the Wake Up Indie All Dayer which took place at Rock City in Nottingham on Saturday. I also attended along with Tracey (@0151Omski) and we spent a great day listening to the aforementioned bands and other artists such as Brix and the Extricated and Echo and the Bunnymen. An awesome time was had by all and Tracey even spoke to David Gedge as we left. New music came from Decoration and Kalimur.”

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The show ended with If Looks Could Kill by Camera Obscura which was played as a tribute to Carey Lander who sadly passed away last week. Carey was raising money for Sarcoma UK and her JustGiving page is still going in her honour. You can find the page and donate here.

The weekly feature of The Best off a Best Of (hosted in conjunction with Everything Indie Over 40) was Going For Gold by Shed Seven. The winner was Chasing Rainbows being the favourite from the album as voted by the twitterati. The much sort after EIO40 t-shirt was won by Sam Woolridge. Great stuff from everyone who voted.

So now onto this week’s Indie Vigil, which put an end to the biggest twitter mystery since ‘is @0151Omski a man or a woman?’. Yes, it was the revelation that Knoxy did in fact have a christian name. We put out a poll to see if anyone could guess what it was, as perhaps Knoxy himself had forgotten. The collective thought that it might be anything from Barbara, Foxy, Opportunity, School of Hard to my favourite guess of Steadman (like him off of Five Star). It is in fact Andy. I still prefer Steadman to be honest…

Anyway, let’s find out a bit more about Knoxy:

I’m Knoxy. 42 years old and love music in any form, but especially Indie Punk Metal Grind Industrial Folk. Yeah like I said any form… I first got into music in a big way when I purchased the Iron Maiden cassette Number Of The Beast for 43p in a school swimming gala. A few years later I heard the song that would change my musical outlook forever. It was the Inspiral Carpets This is How it Feels. It changed my life and I then went onto Neds, Mega City Four, Carter, Stone Roses, Northside etc.

I’ve been in a few bands over the years, but the one that was mentioned a few weeks ago was Carnage N.W. and our song Killer Goldfish From Mars.  We were classed as a sort of thrash Hawkwind. Over the past year I’ve been discovering loads of stuff that passed me by thanks to EIO40.  But it’s costing me a fortune buying CDs, in fact this year so far I have purchased 145 CDs! Anyway I will keep on with my adventure to discover new music all the time”.

So here we go with Knoxy’s three tracks:

Something Old

The Inspiral Carpets – This is How it Feels

Knoxy chose this song as it was the one that got him into indie in the first place.

Something Borrowed

Northside – Moody Places

This song is the theme music from Granada Soccer Night.

Something New

Slow Readers Club – Plant the Seed

This is my favourite new band at the moment.

Thank you to Knoxy for sharing his song choices with us and of course his first name!  Remember, if you want to get involved email Adam at and include why you’ve picked the songs and a bit about yourself so we can feature your story on these very pages.

Listen in to the show next week to find out who will be featured in the vigil and then come and join us for a debrief along with a replay of their tracks.

And finally, as always, don’t forget to tune in to on a Wednesday night to hear some great music and chat.