When you’re in a bit of a funk, music can sometimes reveal the pathway to contentment. Comfort in sound, as a band once put it. Sometimes when a song offers you relief you want to post about it. Then you get writer’s block and can’t think of what to say about it, but you type away, hesitantly at first, then with confidence, before realising you’re doing one of those stupid meta- things again.

Which is when you press play once more and let the introduction create that sweet anticipation, itself answered in the storytelling of the lyric, and the harmonies of the chorus, and the strumming of the guitars, and the roll of the melody. For a moment, life is but a dream.

Tender Is The Neck is taken from Rolling Blackouts’ forthcoming debut Talk Tight EP, out on October 23rd via Ivy League Records.

Pre-order the EP and receive instant downloads of Clean Slate, Wide Eyes, and Tender Is The Neck: apple.co/1hLbKmA

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