This will start out as one of those posts where I go on about how pop is good, pop is fun, and how pop was my first love and I will not be shamed into pretending it never happened. Even if I knew what the first album or single I bought truly was, I wouldn’t cover the truth with a conveniently hip alternative choice. I’ll mention in passing a Jarvis Cocker quote - something about pop being light and fizzy, and rock being heavy and lumpy.

In the middle section, I’ll remember that this isn’t really going anywhere, and that I’m supposed to be writing about Other Girls, the shiny new single from Cappa. I’ll say something about synths. I might drop slinky in if I can find the right place. I’ll listen half a dozen times and try to think of the right words. I’ll shake my head and muse over the iniquity by which inferior alternatives sashay onto global radio playlists while Other Girls is being written about in some pretentious meta-style in a little fringe music blog.

I’ll close by mentioning that you can buy Other Girls on iTunes. I’ll also add some links, like I normally do, so you can follow Cappa.

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