Give Me Your Bones is the title track from the forthcoming second EP by New Manners. It is, we’re told, “equal parts The Photo Album and Strangeways, Here We Come”. I’m sure there are some other parts in there, too, but the main point to note is that regardless of the parts, the sum is spectacular: even if you don’t want to die for Death Cab or you can’t suffer The Smiths, as long as your heart beats a little bit faster to the sound of uplifting guitar peals and you find yourself driven along by the right drum patterns, as long as you can thrill to a simple chorus lyric, repeated and harmonised, you will find what you’re looking for in Give Me Your Bones.”

Give Me your Bones was written around the idea of giving someone your all. At the time, too many of my friends were going through relationships where they weren’t getting what they were putting in.Nick Camacho

Give Me Your Bones is out on November 6th, on Native Sound. You can pre-order the EP from Native Sound: LINK

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