I’m drifting somewhat out of my comfort zone here, but isn’t that part of the joy of having a little old site like this? To have the opportunity to discover tracks I probably wouldn’t otherwise have experienced, and to have moments of pure bliss in the sounds of artists operating in different worlds, playing in rooms I might not normally find myself in, that is just one benefit of doing what I do.

Tales of Us are Berlin based duo Carmine Conte and Matteo Milleri. Their PR describes them as emotive techno. What do I know? Not much. I mean, I can’t even…

Silent Space trips along to the sound of an erratic sonar pulse. A sort of LSD Dalek interrupts part-way through, and there’s a bit where I feel like I’m the living soul of a rapier class Wipeout 3 ship.

Told you I was out of my depth.

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