This Is How It Feels To Be INDIE! - Broadcast 14/10/15 by Radio_Scarborough on Mixcloud

Welcome to your weekly catch up on the This Is How It Feels To Be Indie radio show hosted by Adam Jeffery on Radio Scarborough.  Last week’s show had the usual great tunes from the likes of The Charlatans, Pulp and The Pixies and some new music from Count The Thief and Flyte.  We also got some favourites happening on the Twitter page from The Struts, and The Divine Comedy sent us a tweet thanking Adam for playing their music on his show.  How lovely!”

Anyway, you can find the full track listing on the Indie Radio Facebook page.  Give us a like and a share please!  You can also listen again to the show in full on Mixcloud here.

The weekly feature of The Best off a Best Of (hosted in conjunction with Everything Indie Over 40) was ‘Straw Donkey – The Singles’ by Carter USM.  There was a joint winner this week with both Bloodsport For All and The Only Living Boy In New Cross chosen as the best track by the Twitter constituent.  Great stuff from everyone who voted.

We also had Johny’s Lost Indie Classics where the songs played were Bluetonic by The Bluetones and We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful by Morrissey.  Did you get the connection?  Why of course, it was all about Jose Mourino!

So now onto this week’s Indie Vigil.  Unfortunately Ronnie Pickering wasn’t taking part this week as he wanted to request Road Rage by Catatonia three times, so instead sharing his choices with us is the one and only Mr Clive Stringer.  Famous for his cryptic crosswords (which me and David Bruce still haven’t got over yet by the way #26across) and showcasing the extremely fetching EIO40 t-shirt on his profile pic, Clive is something of a regular in the online indie community.

Clive has already shared a bit about himself on the EIO40 site which you read here so I’ll include just a smidge about him for posterity:

_Clive Stringer - 40 odd from Wantage in South Oxon.  Discovered indie music in a eureka moment when he heard Bjork singing with The Sugarcubes on the Saturday morning chart show.  Clive’s most memorable indie gig was the Slough festival in 1991.  With a great line up including Ride topping the bill it was the shoegazing equivalent of Woodstock.  Only in Slough._

So here we go with Clive’s three tracks:

Something Old

Last Party – Mr Hurst

I first came across this track when I bought The Bitter Springs LP Best Bakers on the Island.  Last Party were the former incarnation of The Bitter Springs and some of their tracks appeared at the end of the aforementioned LP.  Their front man, Simon Rivers - is in my opinion - an exceptionally witty lyricist much in the same mould as Paul Heaton, Jarvis Cocker and Nigel Blackwell etc. Indeed, this classic slab of old school indie includes the immortal lines one fag left, last match dead, six miles to the local post office, and it’s a Sunday.

Something Borrowed

Galaxie 500 - Isn’t it a Pity

I got into Galaxie 500 by one of those top 20 whatever indie complications. It included Blue Thunder, which is still one of my all-time favourite songs and what I nearly selected as my something old.  Subsequently I bought Galaxie 500’s 1989 album On Fire and album closer Isn’t it a Pity swiftly became my second favourite song.  However, aged 18 as I was then, I was blissfully ignorant of George Harrison’s solo output and was unaware for some years that it was in fact a cover version.”

Something New

Evans The Death – Bad Year

Something new comes from my favourite band at present Evans The Death.  They have released two fantastic albums, the eponymous debut in 2012 and this year’s follow up Expect Delays.  The hard part really was just selecting one track, however in the end I’ve gone for something instantly catchy with Bad Year.

Thank you to Clive for sharing his song choices with us and the reasons why he picked them.  Remember, if you want to get involved email Adam at and include why you’ve picked the songs and a bit about yourself so we can feature your story on these very pages.

Listen in to the show next week to find out who will be featured in the vigil and then come and join us for a debrief along with a replay of their tracks.

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