Some days you realise you haven’t been keeping up with events on your Soundcloud feed, or checked your inbox in a week or two. Some days you wonder whether you have it in you right now to fall head over heels for a new track by a new artist. You think to yourself: if I’m only going to kind of like what I find, what’s the use in looking?

Some of those days nothing much happens. Other times you find something that makes you inarticulate beyond simple swearing and you have to share it there and then but put it to one side for 24 hours. Only then can you write about it. You’ll say something like: this is a hard and deep hit of dark electronica mixed with plutonium-grade shoegazing distortion. It’s an absolutely killer combination. You’ll file it under “Songs to restore the faith”

You might worry you haven’t quite put across just how devastating is this new song by Gems, but you’ll remember to mention that Living As A Ghost is taken from Kill The One You Love, out on October 30th on Carpark Records. You’ll tell people they can find more about Gems at the links below.

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