It’s essential to my music and my definition of HÔN that only the strongest of melodies survive. I want it to move you and to stick to your brainJesper Lidang

At the center of HÔN lies Jesper Lidang, frontman and songwriter of The Rumour Said Fire. In steady orbit around his conscious and subconscious mind lie tender lyrics allied with liquid melodies: richly layered, Honeydream sweeps you up and onto its wing, sending you gliding through a world of soft cascading vocals and a truly wonderful chorus.

I have no notion of what is most true or most me, I just notice that I have these feelings, and then I start the beat and hope to vanishJesper Lidang

Written by Lidang, Honeydream was produced and mixed by Lidang and Nis Bysted (Iceage, Cancer, Lower, and Liss).

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