Call me lazy if you must, but I think the music speaks for itself on The Hours, the debut single from the very appropriately named The Passion Bearers. Which is why I’m not going to add one of my clever little summaries. I will, however, leave you with a few words from the band:

The Passion Bearers are a group of musicians from the South East of England.

The music they play tells a story of struggles; between darkness and hope, between love and duty and between defiance and desperation, a story where the heroes and villains are one and the same.

The Hours sees a mystery protagonist at the end of their journey looking back on a life of regret.

The Passion Bearers are:

Tom Rhyland - Vocals

Dan Buckland - Guitar

Joe Southin - Organ

Nick Mailing - Bass

Matt Banham - Drums

The Hours is out on October 2nd.

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