3rd SHOW - This is how it feels to be Indie - Radio Scarborough - 26/08/2015 by Adam Jeffery on Mixcloud

So, we’re into week three of the This is how it feels to be indie radio show on Radio Scarborough and I’ve been listening in each week and liking what I’ve heard very much as well as getting to know some new artists.  I do hope you have all been enjoying the show too.  Adam is something of a natural host and I get the feeling he is having a ball.

Last week’s second show was another musical feast featuring great tracks from Gene, Northside, Shed Seven and The Railway Children to name but a few.  Sadly, Chas & Dave didn’t quite make the grade and Adam stopped playing Rabbit after just a few seconds, but it is meant to be an indie show after all so I suppose we can’t complain!

Show two is at currently number 8 in the Indie Pop Chart and you can listen to it again on Mixcloud here.

Next up on the regular feature of Something Old, Something New, and Something Borrowed aka The Indie Vigil we have my Bluetones comrade Michael Devereau telling us about his tracks and why they mean something to him.

Firstly though, here’s a bit of background info about Michael:

I’m 36 living in Belfast, but originally from the Isle of Man. Obviously a big indie fan, but I also love singer songwriters.  Anyone from John Mayer to Howie Day. Growing up on a small island I didn’t really get to a lot of gigs until I’d finished my A levels and was working, so my first proper gig was Mansun in 1997. Still bloody love them!

I don’t know as much about the Indie scene, but I love learning about new bands I’ve never heard from you guys on Twitter!

And so to Michael’s three tracks:

Something Old

I’m very much a lyrics man so it’s Putting Out Fires by The Bluetones.  This song made me fall in love with the band.  It has everything for me, awesome lyrics and some brilliant guitar and is still my favourite song ever.


Something Borrowed

My borrowed song is Revolution by John Butler Trio.  This was recommended to me and I love it.  Again, it has brilliant lyrics rebelling against the man!  Possibly one of the greatest guitarists I’ve ever heard as well!


Something New

The Entire World by Ground Pilots.  Ground Pilots is the recording name of Dave Tyrell who is amazingly talented and is currently making and scoring an animated movie.  I love his laid back style!


Many thanks to Michael for sharing his choices and also why they mean something to him.  I hope you have enjoyed listening to them as much as I have.  Don’t forget, if you want to get involved I’m sure Adam would love to hear your tracks and the reasons why you’ve picked them.  Email him at Adam.wednesdaynight@hotmail.com and include a bit about yourself as well so we can feature your story on these very pages.

Listen in to the show next week to find out who will be featured right here and then come and join us for a catch up along with a replay of their tracks.

And finally, don’t forget to tune in to http://www.radioscarborough.co.uk/ on a Wednesday night to hear some great music and chat.