For anyone into the melodic end of the shoegazing and dream pop spectrum, the sound of Lost in These Machines - a new track from Butterfly Child - dropping languidly from the heavens 17 years after their last album, could be chill-inducing.

This is one of those times when music surely is sweet anticipation: textures both vocal and instrumental, and perfectly summed up in the track’s press release by the description euphorically melancholic, revolve around a goldilocks beat that’s just the right size to complete the whole soundscape.

When I started working on the record I happened to find the same drum machine that I used on the old Butterfly Child records from the early 90’s at a thrift store for £10. I enjoyed the simplicity and lack of options it presented. Even though I rarely follow this train of thought, sometimes less is more.

Joe Cassidy

Lost in These Machines is taken from the album Futures, out on November 27th 2015, on Dell’Orso Records.

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