My Only Lie is Silence is the second single from Intertwine, electro-ambient brainchild (his words) of Norwegian artist and architect Tarjei Ekelund.

Tarjei is open about his own introverted nature, and admits this personal song examines just that.

This is a song that means a lot to me, and that I’m very fond of. It is a mellow track about that strange thing called silence. Being super introverted, silence is something I’m dealing with all the time.

With gentle electronic atmospherics, distant muted  brass, crackles and soft floating vocals, this song is steeped in melancholy and blanketed in introspection. Perhaps it’s this soundtrack quality and knowing that it was at least in part written when Tarjei lived in Tokyo, makes me pair it in my mind with a scene from a lonely Murakami novel. Enough about that.

Along with ever-so-slightly-more-upbeat first single We are Fools for Singing this Song, Tarjei went on to mix and record these and 8 further tracks with bandmates Aleksander Berg and Ruben Nesse in - rather aptly - another lonely spot: a cabin by the sea, outside Larvik in Norway. Described as a grouping of “10 songs that felt related by a kind of darkness”, Intertwine’s debut album Goraikoo is due on November 6.

My Only Lie is Silence is out now on Brilliance records

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