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A Right RRP Round-Up

My second RRP round-up features OSKAR, Owlle, Something in the Trees, Spirals, Telepopmusik and VYD.

BC Camplight - Just Because I Love You

With Just Because I Love You available to stream, I discover that I somehow managed to miss the fact that BC Camplight had not only signed to Bella Union, but that he also had an...

The Unthanks - Mount The Air

Now here's a beautiful thing to brighten up an Autumn or Winter's evening. Mount The Air is the first single from the new album of the same name by The Unthanks.

A Right RRP Round-Up

A Right RRP Round-up #1 is the first of a series of posts featuring a few artists I haven't been able to write up yet. Some have contacted me, others may have appeared in my...

Empathy Test - Here is the Place

'With Here is the Place Empathy Test continue their perfect early run of synth-pop, making another bid for the future glory that will surely be theirs to claim. '

The Decemberists - Make You Better

Maybe it's just because I haven't really been following the band for a while and that absence making my heart grow fonder, but Make You Better sounds like a really strong return for The Decemberists....

Astronauts release new EP - "Four Songs"

Having made the happy mistake of writing slightly too many brilliant songs to fit on one album, Dan Carney has taken four compositions that didn't fit onto Hollow Ponds and turned them into the Four...

Listen to Sadness Is the Rich Man's Drug, the new EP by The Ropes

They are The Ropes and they want to fight you. They are Sharon Shy (vocals) and Toppy (other). They were sampled by Tricky on Does It. They are influenced by water and headphones.

Futsu - Mechanical Bride

There's a lot to like about Mechanical Bride, the new song from Futsu: the twin vocals; the organ bubbling gently or loudly at all the right times; the, ah, interesting and colourful video. These are...

Neighbour - Taste Me

Taste Me is the new track from Kettering Britpoppists and dreamy-sound makers Neighbour. Its breathy vocals and an easy vibe that's somewhere between baggy and Britpop give it an early 90s reviving feel.

Dutch Uncles - In n Out

In n Out comes with a groove and synth clashes that wouldn't sound out of place about half way through the first tape of an early Now That's What I Call Music compilation, while also...

The Jacarandas - Watergun

Watergun, the debut single from Birmingham-based band The Jacarandas, is a delightful moment of indie-pop jangle that occupies space somewhere between the heady 80s indie-pop days and the sounds of the 60s that informed that...

Rabble Rouser - Rabble Rouser EP

Since forming in 2013, Melbourne indie band Rabble Rouser have been trying to "locate the common ground between Kanye West, Yoni Wolf and Led Zeppelin"; it's a quest for what might well be mythical territory,...

Lanks - Brave Man

Brave Man's glitchy Radiohead-esque beats, electronic pulse and rich harmonies are currently streaming on Soundcloud, and if you get there early enough you can even download the track for free.

Jack Adaptor - Number One Record

Number One Record is the new single from Jack Adaptor, out later this month, and taken from the forthcoming album **J'Accuse!**

Listen to The Dew Lasts an Hour, by Ballet School

'A couple of weeks ahead of its release on September 8th (UK) / 9th (US) **The Dew Lasts an Hour**, the debut album from Berlin-based dream pop group Ballet School, is streaming exclusively on Hype...

King Creosote - Something to Believe In

Something to Believe In is the opening track from King Creosote's 2014 album From Scotland With Love. As beautiful as it is moving, it is accompanied by footage from the documentary film of the same...

The Persian Leaps - Pretty Boy

As melodic indie rock goes, Pretty Boy is up there with the best of them. At just over two minutes long it's a superbly executed slice of noise-pop that sets itself up, sprays hooks all...

Woman's Hour - Her Ghost

Though lacking the sinister underpinnings of the beautiful Darkest Place, Her Ghost is more evidence of their talent for harnessing simple truth into devastatingly subtle electronic melody.