There’s a lot to like about Mechanical Bride, the new song from Futsu: the twin vocals; the organ bubbling gently or loudly at all the right times; the, ah, interesting and colourful video. These are all just appetisers to the main dish, however - the tasty feast that is the bassline in the chorus.

Futsu is a Indie Pop Rock band from Paris via Sydney Australia. Mechanical Bride is the first single from their upcoming album Body Island, due out in December.

In the band’s own words:

Futsu is a band, armed with falsettos, harmonies, guitars, effects pedals, violin, tambourines, shakers and a smile as a rifle. Futsu play melodically sharp pop songs that move people and make people move.

Futsu emphasizes melody and emotion in his vocals and guitar playing with a taste for organic percussive sounds constructed from household objects. While the music encompasses an experimental approach in the recording process embracing accidents and mistakes it is always contained in a strong pop coating.

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And 15 facts you might not know about the video.