When I started this little blog I wasn’t sure if I’d just end up writing about old favourites, or music by established artists. When I first put a contact form up I wasn’t sure I’d get much response, but I’ve been surprised (and delighted) by the submissions I’ve received here, and the contact through twitter, facebook etc.

Unfortunately, the result is an inbox that’s out of control, and a feeling of frustration for me at not being able cover more artists, and maybe a frustration from a clutch of bands who would now see RRP as just another music blog that ignored them. I know it’s not my duty to write about every single new piece of music that’s put in front of me; some submissions don’t do anything for me, and some are just so wildly off the mark I can’t even begin to think how many blogs some people must be spamming in order to get written up. At the same time I know how hard it is to put your heart and soul into creating something and getting it heard. Unless you’re U2.

This is the first of a series of round-ups featuring a few artists I haven’t been able to write up yet. Some have contacted me, others may have appeared in my Soundcloud stream or list of recommended listening; all deserve to be heard.

Dead Seem Old - They Won’t Find Us

Dead Seem Old is a London-based indie/pop project created by London songwriter and artist Thom Wicks. Debut single They Won’t Find Us was written in a hotel room in Indonesia, and recorded in collaboration with drummer/producer Javier Weyler (Phil Manzanera/Stereophonics), under the agreement that they wouldn’t use any sound which didn’t evoke either of two of Wicks’ key influences - Grimm fairy tales and 1960s instrumental surf music.

Using this somewhat esoteric approach, the pair have produced a beautiful and intriguing piece of acoustic guitar pop with a mighty catchy chorus.


DrAlienSmith - Under Songs EP

Drinking deep from the poisoned well in which the streams of doom, shoegaze, sludge and post-rock co-mingle, DrAlienSmith drowns the listener in slow motion, treacle-thick riffs. Atop distorted, detuned bass guitar and cavernous drums, surges of noise and haunting synths weave through the mix like ghosts. Under Songs, DrAlienSmith’s debut EP, is a stirring exercise in monolithic instrumental songcraft, densely atmospheric yet wonderfully accessible.


Check out the EP over on Bandcamp, where you can also download the skull-crushing - in a completely good way, that is - instrumental single Underslung for free.



Ewian - Good Old Underground

Good Old Underground is the title track from Ewian’s debut LP. The album is the result of an international cooperation between Ewian (Bonn, Germany), electronic singer/songwriter Fifi Rong (London), instrumental Post-Rock artist James Hrabak (Chicago), Dark-Pop producer Clemens Engert (Vienna) and guitarist Benjamin Lachance (Nuremberg, Germany).

Wonderful guitar layers rising and falling over this one.


Goldroom - Til Sunrise

It’s a bit gray and a bit cold right now, so the echoey chillwave beats and blissed out synths of Goldroom’s Til Sunrise are more than welcome.



Missart - Blue Daisies

Missart are a five-piece band with an atmospheric dreamy sound and influences ranging from Blues to Dub, classical and Indie. Blue Daisies is their first single.


Ben Pagano - Robot Jazz

Ben Pagano’s debut album was recorded at Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen in Brooklyn, NY and was released in June this year. It’s a heady concoction of psychedelic rock soul, jazz and funk. Naturally I’ve picked out a track from the album that sounds a lot like none of the above: Away stops and starts, starts and stops, and just when you think it’s all about the piano, a glorious guitar solo explodes all over it. Away is available as a free download from Bandcamp, where you will also find the full album.