Every now and then a band comes along with a promise of recapturing a part of the 90s, making it fresh and exciting all over again with a new take on an old sound.

Taste Me is the latest track from Kettering Britpoppists and dreamy-sound makers Neighbour. Its breathy vocals and an easy vibe that’s somewhere between baggy and Britpop give it an early 90s postcode, where it lives among all the bands of the day who were lazily described as “shoegazers” even though they tended towards a more expansive sound. It catches us here at RRP while we have our own 90s thing going on, and we’re thoroughly addicted already.

“Tasteless lately - just lick it up and taste me” go the lyrics, as a cavalcade of Japanese game show contestants do the sort of things that you probably first saw introduced by Chris Tarrant, or Clive James if like me your memory stretches back that little bit further.

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