Number One Record is the new single from Alternative Top 40 pace-setters Jack Adaptor, out later this month, and taken from the forthcoming album J’Accuse!.

On Number One Record, Jack Adaptor - aka Paul “Fred” Frederick and songwriting partner Christopher Cordoba - pay tribute to “the talented hearts and the ones that couldn’t stay”, in particular the legends that were Alex Chilton and his now much revered band Big Star, who formed in 1971, but split a mere three years later after label idiocy, critical acclaim and commercial failure tore the band apart. It’s no coincidence, of course, that Big Star’s debut album was called #1 Record, and taking that as the launching point for the video, the duo asked fans to send them videos of their own Number One Records. The result was a pretty diverse collection taking Miles Davis, The Ramones, Ride, Kraftwerk, Spiritualized (twice, by my count), Nick Drake and The Fall.””

If it had been me, I might have been tempted by the perfect circularity and meta-ness of holding up Saint Etienne’s I’ve Got Your Music

Frederick describes Jack Adaptor’s new album as:

a distillation of 20 years thinking about music and the kind of record I really wanted to make. Now I feel I really have something to say and the musicians to give it life

The 20 years referred to is the 20 years since the end of Frederick’s 90s indie band The Family Cat. That should help if you wondering why the voice sounded familiar…

Number One Record is out on 29th September via 3 Loop Music.