RRP Recommends - page 16

Shallou - Doubt

Doubt is a superb follow-up to Reykjavik. Mostly sailing a less frenetic course, it's nonetheless full of rise and fall, swells and calm, and should put Shallou on your "ones to watch in 2015" radar....

B.Miles - Nine Matches

Nine Matches is a crisp, soulful debut that strides out confidently into a crowded field and demands your attention. And you will give it, whether it's the production that draws you in or the sheer...

First Ghost - Shaking

London, Ontario's First Ghost self-identify rather modestly on their Facebook page as "Rock/Pop/Emo". Judging them on the basis of Shaking alone, I'd say they were more "indie-rock/college rock/good times and fun riffs".

Bang Gang - Out of Horizon

Out of Horizon is the first offering from Icelandic act Bang Gang's first album release in over 7 years. Full details of the album are still being kept under wraps, but expect a release sometime...

Folly Rae - Someone I Don't Know

Sometimes you just gotta wind down with some beautiful vocals, smooth flowing synths and piano and heavenly harmonies. And when those times come, Folly Rae's latest single Someone I Don't Know is just the ticket....

Kid Astray - Still Chasing Nothing

'Still Chasing Nothing has energy and hooks to spare, and is more than capable of skipping nimbly through the rubble of the old genre divisions.'

Eternal Death - Violence

The air weighs heavy with Violence, but Elin Berlin's voice is so beautiful, so Scandi-pure, and Johan Angergard's production throws in layer upon layer of gorgeousness to wrap around you like so many 20-tog duvets...

Lazy Salon - Halo Hand

Lazy Salon produce atmospheric instrumentals of all stripes. Halo Hand is a seven-minute psych-out, noise-pop and drone affair, best enjoyed staring up at the sky

Lost Dawn - Count on Me

'Count on Me is the second single from Falmouth-based Lost Dawn: a powerful concoction of raw garage-rock infused with a touch of glam.'

Jennie Abrahamson - Wolf

The thundering drums that burst in after Wolf's synthtro might surprise at first, but when it all kicks together and Abrahamson is into the chorus mantra of "you're a wolf, I can't read you" it's...

Apidae - Turning Tides

Turning Tides is a cool confection of shifting electronic beats and instrumentation and Drew York's delicate falsetto, which floats effortlessly through the song's phalanx of sounds.

Kid Wave - Wonderlust

Simple but oh so very effective, Wonderlust hits hard from the first fuzzy notes and doesn't let up

Parrot Dream - Come Home

Parrot Dream's new video for Come Home works well with the song's isolated / isolating feel and dream-pop sound, but of the whole composition it's a brain-meltingly wonderful chorus that wins the day.

Little Lapin - Remember The Highs

Remember The Highs forges a character of its own, from its confident bass-less opening and simple hook, through its repeated lyrical preoccupations and the guitar lines that punctuate them. It's got the feel of something...

East India Youth - CAROUSEL

All the over-excitement on hearing of a new East India Youth album in 2015 turned to becalmed awe on first hearing the quiet magnificence of CAROUSEL.

Best Friends - Fake Spit

Two minutes of Fake Spit is all you'll need to be convinced you need more spiky punk / garage from the Sheffield foursome.

Soko - Ocean of Tears

The wildly energetic Ocean of Tears is from the French singer's intriguingly titled **My Dreams Dictate My Reality**, due for release on March 3rd on Babycat Records.

Inti Rowland - Mongolian Hunters

Mongolian Hunters is taken from 17th Century Japanese Aviary, the debut album from Inti Rowland. The album, on which Rowland is accompanied by a string quartet, brass and percussion, was recorded in six days in...

Kuroma - Love Is On The Way

Love Is On The Way is addictive and slinky, reminiscent of the finest of guitar pop/rock.

Medlow - I Don't Want You

I Don't Want You is a shiny burst of electropop - perfect for the soundtrack to an as yet unwritten future 80s period masterpiece