RRP Recommends - page 18

Gillbanks - Anxious?

'Rough guitars, dirty howling vocals, crunching percussion and some well timed loud/quiet/loud make Anxious? the kind of track that you could easily find yourself sticking on repeat and forgetting everything else.'

I, Us, & We - Lanterns

Lanterns is another atmospheric creeper underpinned by warm electronica and terrific production, from the forthcoming Mono EP.

Two Cartoons - Lost Boys Club

Lost Boys Club is more evidence that Two Cartoons are a fully-functioning hook machine, building up from a simple verse into bright bursts of chorus and sending it home in style.

The Leisure Society - Tall Black Cabins

This week's most exciting new release news has undoubtedly been the announcement of the fourth album by The Leisure Society, and a new single "Tall Black Cabins".

New music round up

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'Round-up #13, featuring BETS, Cold Cold Heart, Cold Weather Company, Sylva Faye, Hanne Kolstø, Le Noire'

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A Right RRP Round-Up

'A Right RRP Round-Up #11 - featuring Delmer Darion, The Dark Plains, Lights of the Coast, Panic is Perfect, Urso Polar, Victory Kicks'

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'A Right RRP Round-Up #10 - the mostly men with guitars edition, featuring As Elephants Are, The Bronze Medal, Dinsdale, Kids Fly, Leo Steel, Nox Boys'

Language of Shapes - Stitches

Ever since Peter Buck picked one up and turned me on to R.E.M. mandolins have had a special allure, but that only partly explains why Stitches made me sit up and pay attention.

A Right RRP Round-up

'A Right RRP Round-Up #9 - Featuring All The Wine, I Us & We, Rivers & Satellites, Shady Elders, Sky-Pony, Vault Holiday'

The Go! Team - The Scene Between

It's never a bad day when there's brand new Go! Team available. The Scene Between is the title track from their new album, to be released on March 23rd (UK) / March 24th (US).

A Right RRP Round-Up

'A Right RRP Round-up #8 - featuring The Librarians, Maquina, Shallou, Sick Bookies, Summon The Octopi, Waterbed'

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'A Right RRP Round-up #7 - featuring Any O’Neill, Candy Cigarettes, Featherweights, Saigon, Syvia, The Planets Collide'

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A Right RRP Round-up #6 - Featuring pop, psychedelia, and so much more from Azwel, IX, Moving Parts, Phosphene, Valerio Lysander, and Y'all

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'Round-up #5 features another six artists you might not yet know but might just come to love - Attic Fowler, The Cold Start, The DuskWhales, Macatier, Moonrags & Hoost, and Slight.'

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'Round-up #4 features six more artists you should definitely give a little time to: Arbo, Blak Lyons, Elephant Memoirs, Slopes, Velcro Mary and Voda-i-Ryba.'

A Right RRP Round-Up

'Round-up #3, featuring Braver Than Fiction, The Halfways, Jennie Vee, Magic Bronson, The Mercy Alliance and The Shivers.'