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San Fermin - Jackrabbit

Since the release of their first album, San Fermin have opened for the likes of The National, St. Vincent & Arctic Monkeys. Now they're ready with a second album, Jackrabbit, and a single of the...

Stupendous Band - Mellow Tones

Mellow Tones is taken from the Whatever You Do EP, released digitally on January 21st by Gateway Music. It's a highly apt title for a smooth yet glitch-laden wave of a song.

Various Artists - New Emperors

'New Emperors is a sampler of the brightest and best new and emerging artists on the My Little Empire roster, including: Max Jury, Tenterhook, Our Mother, Sykes, Corbu, We Came From Wolves and My Sad...

Shannon Wardrop - I Wanna Be Your Lady

I Wanna Be Your Lady is a seductive, eastern-tinged, off-kilter love song taken from Shannon Wardrop's new EP **Cloud 9**.

Villagers - Courage

There’s not a great deal happening in Courage, the new single from Villagers. The song itself is simple, the video unfussy. But it is, of course, a thing of great beauty - no surprises there,...

Grawl!x - Atlas Bear

Atlas Bear is a new single from Grawl!x (pronounced 'Graw-lix'). It's an atmospheric slow-burner taken from the forthcoming album Good Grief.

Bella Hardy - The Only Thing To Do

The world of folk is getting plenty of well-deserved attention right now (at least in the part of the musical blogosphere that’s visible from where RRP stands), with imminent new releases from the likes of...

New Releases January 2015

'All the new tracks published on RRP in January, in one handy package…'

Soda Fabric - Teenage Illusion

Soda Fabric's second single, Teenage Illusion is top quality no messing indie rock with a a little fuzz and attitude and a sexy solo to close out with.

Lisa Alma - Man

Minimal beats and chords run through Man, overlaid by Alma's late-night vocal calm.

Stella Got - Like a Rope

Like a Rope is the first single from Wounded Ladies, the debut solo album by Stella Got. Co-produced with Avi Elbaz, Wounded Ladies was created using only acoustic instruments and processed with analog effects.

Patkus - The Gospel Book of Archbishop Ebbo

The Gospel Book of Archbishop Ebbo is an intriguing three track EP of not-quite-ambient, not-quite-post-rock from Philadelphia composer and multi-instrumentalist Patkus.

Natalie McCool - Pins

Pins is a beautiful pop song with an infectious melody and beautiful vocals, nowhere more so than in the chorus as McCool pulls melodical magic out of a hat

New Arcades - Wherever You Are

New Arcades came to my attention when they supported Empathy Test at their EP launch gig at the end of November last year. It's an ideal match, with both groups generating gorgeous synth-pop sounds.

Bronx Cheerleader - Mad Sam is Dead

How to describe Mad Sam is Dead? How about indie-slacker-surf-desert-morricone?

Stornoway - The Road You Didn't Take

2015 sees a welcome return for Stornoway, first with single The Road You Didn't Take on February 16th, followed in April by a new album, **Bonxie**.

Jilk and Haiku Salut - Periscopes

Periscopes is what happens when 'Electro-acoustic ambient post rock' meets 'Baroque-pop-folktronic-neo-classical-something-or-other'.

New Music round-up

'New Music Round-up #17, featuring Erica Glyn, Phone Home, and Young Braves'

Chelsea Lankes - Down For Whatever

' Down For Whatever is a chilled out, laid back paean to living tonight and letting tomorrow do its worst from a soon-to-be former-best-kept-secret.'

Sun Voyager - Be Here Now

Be Here Now is low-slung and dirty as hell; these are good times for fans of all things garage/psych/lo-fi.