RRP Recommends - page 15

Swiss Lips - Books

While I can't condone the literal sentiment behind the chorus of Books ("Set fire to the books that you read") under any circumstances, I am right behind the intense electropop sounds, huge synths and beats,...

Bad Wave - Look Out

Look Out - here comes insistent electropop that sounds like Phoenix on a dance high and at the controls of a 'spacey sound effects' gadget. Don't even try to resist.

The Hanging Stars - Golden Vanity

The lyrics to Golden Vanity were found by The Hanging Stars in an Alan Lomax anthology; the warm, harmony-filled melody is all their own.

Hinemoa - Running Amongst The Stars

Running Amongst The Stars is an acoustic-folk dream that flits effortlessly between two time signatures, capturing at the intersections the near-silence of the distant night sky.

Nic Nassuet - Immured

Immured is 'a haunting duet inspired by the ghost of an Eastern European bride who was entombed inside of stone walls while her mother looked on'.

Monogem - Silhouette

Less 'laid back dance-floor shuffle', more 'intense strut' than Glow, Silhouette is another good reason to keep Monogem on your radar through 2015.

Phantom Runners - Laserbeam

Laserbeam is their first release of the year from Phantom Runners, bring you a summer's day in mid-February with its laid-back rhythms, guitar bursts and soft meadow-breeze harmonies.

Heyrocco - Elsewhere

The greatest aspect of the video for Elsewhere is how it works with the music and never once makes you feel even slightly guilty for still loving the 90s.

Public Service Broadcasting - Gagarin (Psychemagik Remix)

'Psychemagik takes the funked up horns of Gagarin and fashions them into disco dance-floor wedges'

Beach Baby - Ladybird

I can't remember the last time I felt the musical high that kicked in the first time Ladybird's sweet chords played.

The Recordists - The Pageant

'The Pageant was released in November 2014, and will give you a good idea of what The Recordists are about: namely, loudness, riffs and vocals that occasionally sound like Gary Jarman doing an impression of...

Damn Vandals - Mad as Hell

I've been electropopified: it took me a couple of listens to get attuned to the ferocious Mad as Hell, the new single from Damn Vandals, and its equally raging b-side This Music Blows My Tiny...

Our Man in Berlin - Molière

In Molière, guitars bubble, the beat shuffles, and it all builds into a chaotic clashing whirl that's a shock in contrast to the track's cool beginnings.

Lull - Dead Or Alone

From the moment the title track kicks in to the last moments of gentle feedback of Bubble Tea, this three track EP from Lull is a heavy, crunching, distorted, woozy fifteen minutes of shoegazing and...

Everything Everything - Distant Past

Distant Past is - as we've come to expect from Everything Everything - playful and strange, with a sound that refuses to settle.

East India Youth - Turn Away

Turn Away starts out ominous, beats and vocals falling over each other, becomes euphoric, then ends in bliss.

Allies For Everyone - Bunker

Bunker will make you want to be out on the floor, yet somehow drifting into relaxed reverie at the same time.

Attic Fowler - Bradford Beach

Bradford Beach is the sound of a hazy, psychedelia-tinged dream, with a wobbly piano break and jangling guitar that hands over to a surprisingly meaty solo.


'Enjoy the storming 2014 electrop single Veins, together with a remix from WTNSS, and make a mental note to watch out for future releases from yet another high quality Swedish export.'

Stillwave - Tarmac Plains

If you like heavy, driving, but melodic rock that sounds like the result of a genetic splicing experiment using Interpol and iLikeTrains as inputs, carried out in a shoegazing laboratory (I know - who doesn't...