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Life in Film - It's What Happens Next Is What Matters Most

At the start of It's What Happens Next Is What Matters Most, the new single from Life in Film, you might be wondering what's happened to their sweet, skittery indie-pop. Fear not - stick around...

Jason Nolan - Brush Social Club

Brush Social Club features some pretty special interplay between Nolan's looped, echoey vocals, the gentle buzz of the bass, and lush orchestration that makes sporadic, dramatic appearances.

Warpaint - No Way Out

No Way Out is the first in what Warpaint have promised is to be a series of new releases through 2015. No Way Out showcases the quartet's casual knack for a tune and an ability...

Robin Adams - Holy Smoke

Holy Smoke is a meditative, intense and personal track, Adams delivering studied lyrics against a sparse musical accompaniment

Pale Honey - Youth

'FAO: anyone who is in a band that consists of fewer than three members. If you occasionally worry that your sound is a bit bland or flat, that your songs are a bit one-paced or...

New music playlist 2015//08

New music playlist 2015//08 sees the return of Sufjan Stevens, Public Service Broadcasting out on the floor, Beach Baby introduce themselves in magnificent style, Damn Vandals getting angry, Absofacto dissolving, Attic Fowler in the sunshine,...

Public Service Broadcasting - Go!

Go! is the second single to be taken from Public Service Broadcasting’s new album The Race For Space, which was released this week to extremely positive reviews. We really hope to find time here at...

S. Carey - Neverending Fountain

Neverending Fountain, which originally appeared on Range of Light, is given a moonlit makeover for this version, taken from the Supermoon EP. Where the album original was layered, this new take is lighter than the...

New music playlist 2015//07

The new music playlist for week seven is an absolute belter, featuring the dreamy sounds of Summer Heart and Parrot Dream, darkness and foreboding from Marika Hackman, high quality indie disco fare from Girl Friend...

Nicholas James Mallins - If I Were King

If I Were King is the debut single by Manchester-based solo artist Nicholas James Mallins, due out on March 9th. It’s the first part in a triptych of tracks Mallins will be releasing; the triptych...

Lois & The Love - Pinocchio

Pinocchio is taken from the album Love is Louder, due out this summer. It starts off very good, then goes stratospheric with the arrival of its killer chorus. Awesomeness + attitude = Pinocchio.

New music playlist 2015//05

Here’s a quick measure of how things have progressed here at Record Rewind Play.

Lanks - Hold Me Closer

Hold Me Closer is an electro-guitary triumph that somehow seems to gather layers, pace and intensity with every beat, while still retaining a sense of space and a still center.

Meeka Kates - The Waves

While listening to this magnificently chilled track from Meeka Kates just now I lost all sense of time and space, finding myself carried further and further away on each wisp of The Waves.

Andrea Balency - Waterfalls

On Waterfalls Balency already sounds more confident and assured than on her debut EP - it's a rich and beguiling introduction to an artist on the rise.

Death Cab For Cutie - No Room In Frame

No Room In Frame follows hot on the heels of Black Sun, and while it doesn't have that track's shades and textures, it certainly scores high on the "Hallmark Death Cab Indicators" scale, with a...

Surf Rock is Dead - Zen A

Zen A starts with echoey summer surf guitars, and something that sounds a hell of a lot like the sea. From then on it's a cool sense of a good day in the sun.

Lilt - Don't Tell Me

Lilt's latest single, Don't Tell Me, doesn't let the quality dip, and takes the emotional intensity to new heights.


Rays of light burst through Air's surface, shafts of pure synth reaching for the skies, eliminating any sense of claustrophobia despite the layers of sound and the urgent lyrics.

Max and the Moon - Modern Love

'Modern Love is a hellishly catchy piece of indie-dance: high up the vocals are beautiful, while the bass explodes time and again.'