RRP Recommends - page 13

San Fermin - Emily

Emily is the third track from San Fermin's forthcoming album Jackrabbit. Coming on strong sounding kinda like The National with a little dance-shimmy in their step, Allen Tate's baritone and some oh-so-smooth brass sway in...

Oh Wonder - Technicolour Beat

Technicolour Beat could be one of several peaks from Oh Wonder in 2015. Its consummate restraint, constant holding back, and its smallness are remarkable and rewarding.

The Kindling - Television Static Dreams

Television Static Dreams is the slow-creeping new single from slowcore minimalists The Kindling. Sparse percussion meets an intense lyric, softly delivered, while reverberating guitars hovering ominously in the background.

Gillbanks - Loosen Up

Where Gillbanks' debut release "Anxious?" was rough and raucous, on "Loosen Up" they demonstrate a more melodic side, with chiming guitars sidling up alongside occasional bursts of guitar melody and a wistful lyric

Idea the Artist - I Just Love You

I Just Love You is the second of three releases before the release of The Seafloor. In places dark and foreboding, it's lifted by the clarity of Beltranena's classically trained vocals.

Jacco Gardner - Find Yourself

'Find Yourself, the new single from Dutch artist and multi-instrumentalist Jacco Gardner, is a slice of high quality modern psychedelia - a gentle wander through the perfumed garden of mildly trippy experimentation.'

Polar Bear & King - Rosehip

Wrapped safely in warm falsetto, Rosehip is a slowly blossoming flower feeling the first rays of Spring sunshine before finally bursting into life at the song's tumultuous crescendo.

Lila Rose - World On Fire

World On Fire starts with ominous breathing. It’s not shallow, but definitely not relaxing and deep, it’s not heavy, but certainly not gentle either. It could be the aftermath of something, or the preparation for...

The Rebel Light - Strangers

When I think back through the long, cold winter, how I could have done with the perfect combination of retro indie pop, harmonies, requisite mentions of California and all-round vibe of Strangers.

Stornoway - Get Low

Get Low is the second track to be released from Stornoway's forthcoming album Bonxie. Building on the anticipation created by The Road You Didn't Take, it's a second indicator that Bonxie could be a fine...

Annalibera - Black Cat White Cat

If you haven't heard of Annalibera before now I'm confident that one listen of Black Cat White Cat is all it will take for you to go out foraging or more. Slow burning verses build...

Northern American - Elysian

Working from their Chinatown studio, Northern American record very much as a collective, each member chipping in on every aspect of the writing process, which may go some way to explaining the balanced center and...

Courtney Barnett - Depreston

Depreston conforms to the rule that says Courtney Barnett doesn't know how to deliver a bad lyric, or anything other than the perfect melody to accompany the story.

Francis Leone - Final Dance

Final Dance is a new track from Suffolk-based artist Francis Leone. The most dramatic of three new tracks, it frames Leone's baritone with a swirling chamber pop arrangement.

Belle Ghoul - Winter's Gone

Winter’s Gone is a new single from Belle Ghoul, taken from last year’s Mini-LP Rabbit’s Moon & Doomsday. As well as Winter’s Gone, the single features live versions of two tracks from that LP -...

Acre Tarn - Dawn Faces

Dawn Faces is a scintillating brand new track from Acre Tarn, the electronic music project of Anna-Louisa Etherington, a singer/producer originally from the Lake District.

New music playlist 2015//09

'New music playlist 2015//09 sees return appearances on RRP from Lanks and Life in Film, the first but unlikely to be the last appearance from FMLYBND, and new music from Max And The Moon, Andrea...

The Great Dictators - Strange Ways

Strange Ways comes with NSFW and parental warning lyrics and an animated video featuring Vladimir Putin and lead singer Dragut Lugalzagosi. And why not, eh? It starts out all rich vocals and strong bass, and...

Slow Turismo - Corners

Canberra's Slow Turismo are an indie-pop / indie-rock band with an ear for the hook, and if Corners is anything to go by, not afraid to mix it up a bit.

Lucha - The Long Winter

Lucha is a two-piece band from Austin, Texas, creating interesting and absorbing soundscape using unusual instrumentation and found sounds. The Long Winter is their first release. In only five tracks, three of which are barely...