Tracks - page 9

Urso Polar - It's Official I Hate Ramsgate

It might seem strange for a Brazilian indie-rock group to be singing about a Kentish seaside town, but don't get distracted for too long by that quirky detail - instead be sure to let the...

Saltwater Sun - Habit on my Mind

It shouldn't be possible, really, for a band to appear out of nowhere with a debut track that appears to have been constructed from just the right elements in exactly the right size and quantity,...

Harriet Little - America

Recorded in one take, with a tender intimacy, the occasional instrumental creaks that frame America could equally be the sound of a heart breaking, over and over.

Idea The Artist - Seafloor

Seafloor was the last of three singles released in advance of an album of the same name on March 24th by singer-songwriter Inés Beltranena, as Idea The Artist. Using the seafloor as a metaphor for...

Lisa Alma - Fine

Due for release next week, Fine is the latest single from Danish alt pop singer and song-writer Lisa Alma. Another track taken from her forthcoming album Sweater, it's further evidence that Alma is one of...

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Step Brother City

Step Brother City is the new single from the lengthily but brilliantly named Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin. Taken from their forthcoming album The High Country. It's a solid roller-coaster ride of power pop...

Beach Baby - Bruise

Bruise is the flipside to the frankly fantastic and song of the year contender (and so soon, too!), Ladybird, by Beach Baby. It rounds out a very impressive debut release for the London-based band.

Femme - S.O.S

After a hat-trick of stellar singles from Femme, here comes a fourth in the shape of S.O.S. More brilliance, more big chorus, more production magic, more reason to love Femme before everyone else discovers her....

Slug - Greasy Mind

Greasy Mind is a new single from Slug, the band formed by Ian Black, previously bass player with Field Music. While leaning to a degree on the angular art-rock of Field Music and its already...

Strangely Alright - Come On

The latest single from Strangely Alright, Come On fires on all power pop cylinders, in the process creating a rollicking kind of drive that's got a little bit of Feeder about it.

Cotton Claw - Grainy

Grainy is the first taste of Volutes, the debut album from Cotton Claw. It's smooth, warm and alive in a way that you might not expect from music created by four producers and 64 pads....

Kid Astray - It's Alright

Kid Astray have already charmed us into submission with previous single Still Chasing Nothing. Today, the Norwegian 6-piece have repeated the trick (and then some) with their new single It's Alright.

Ryan O'Reilly - Northern Lights

File under: sounds like one man, is really a band (see also Franz Ferdinand, Richmond Fontaine, Josef K…)

Nakey - No Job

No Job is the second single from the forthcoming five track Live The Nakey Dream EP. It tells of "the lows of living in a virtual purgatory while waiting on someone else to decide what...

Seattle Yacht Club - I Hate Goodbyes

'I Hate Goodbyes is pristine, synth-soaked pop of the highest order: an inexhaustible supply of hooks and a sweet bassline walking you through the feeling of the best past days of your life, concentrated to...

The Sinclair Sinclair - Cosmos

With The Race For Space, Public Service Broadcasting may have thought they had the space-themed awards sewn up for the year; Cosmos shows there's more than one way to skin a space cat.

Listen to Mood, a new mixtape by Noah

with its loops, clicks and beats, and Noah's whispered vocals, MOOD is a laid back gem that's perfect for when you need to drift off to somewhere idyllic...

The Traps - September Storm

September Storm is the latest single from Birmingham's The Traps. In a nutshell: indie disco that deserves to be in your collection.

Loframes - Get Real (Can't Touch Your Love)

Get Real (Can't Touch Your Love) is the debut single from Loframes, a collaboration between London-born James Yuill and French producer Franck Russo. It's a succulent combination, here creating a synthpop does deep house with...

Controller - Separator

Separator is about as good as it gets in its field, the field being effortlessly catchy indie rock with a new wave twist.