Talk about storming out of the blocks: at this early stage in their career, Urso Polar are really delivering the goods. Following Mostly Harmless and Oh My God I’m So Happy Right Now, It’s Official I Hate Ramsgate is their third release of a spectacular few months.

It might seem strange for a Brazilian indie-rock group to be singing about a Kentish seaside town, but don’t get distracted for too long by that quirky detail - instead be sure to let the energy take you and the lyric charm you, and the mix of jangling and chiming guitars win your heart. It shouldn’t be too hard, frankly, because It’s Official I Hate Ramsgate is another glorious indie disco whirl from Urso Polar.

The Atlantic Ocean’s between you and me

And all of this water will tear us apart

We settled the score, I’m fine with a draw

I knew you were not my type from the start

So I can’t complain

Even if I did you wouldn’t hear me

You’re so unkind

I’m telling you know, so you best believe it

This is about how I came

To hate Ramsgate

This is how, this is how I came

To love you