No Job is a new track (or at least a new version of a newish track) from Nakey, a five-piece operating out of Christchurch, New Zealand, and who are promising all of us a share of the Nakey dream.

I don’t even know what the Nakey dream is. Do the lyrics to No Job offer a clue?

woke up at 1 today

but its all good

i’ve got no meaning anyway

and i don’t feel like i should

we’re all wasting down to nothing , i know

Its hard for you to say

I could die today

but oh well


I think perhaps that whatever it is, it is something that is not this.

No Job is the second single from the forthcoming five track Live The Nakey Dream EP. It tells of “the lows of living in a virtual purgatory while waiting on someone else to decide what is happening with your life” something which I can empathise with. Its vibe is Blur on apathy/slacker day crossed with the nonchalant cool of the rapid three-chord change. Indie rock guitars tug repeatedly at the frayed hem of your shirt sleeve, while delicate harmonies over the lead guitar remind you that there’s still hope of getting out of this. And, presumably, going on to live the dream. That said, if it was a straight choice between living the dream and No Job (captain subtext fans look away now) I know which I’d be choosing.

No Job was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Steven John Marr of Doprah. It is available to download now from Soundcloud. Which is exactly what you’re about to do.