Cosmos is the lead track to the The Sinclair Sinclair’s debut album Breaking The Waves, due out on June 1st via Beautiful Strange. Following on from 2013’s The Dreamers of the Dreams EP, it’s spectral, spacey, and (obvious, I know) cosmic. In every sense of the word. In the silence of space, this could be the imagined sound of the vastness outside your suit, spinning improbably fast but remaining eerily still. In the vibrations of each swirling synth could be contained whole galaxies - universes, even.

With The Race For Space, Public Service Broadcasting may have thought they had the space-themed awards sewn up for the year; Cosmos shows there’s more than one way to skin a space cat.

The Sinclair Sinclair are based in Tallinn, Estonia. They are: Keit Kukk - lead singer; Raido Rahnel - guitarist, composer; Taago Piisang - electronic soundscapes; Jan Pillav - drums.

Breaking The Waves is out on June 1st via Beautiful Strange.