At some point it seems inevitable that Femme is going to blow up. S.O.S, her fourth stellar single release - after Educated, Fever Boy and High - could just be the moment it happens. And let’s not forget an Ace of Base mashup that threw Fever Boy and snatches of new single S.O.S into a wonder-what-would-happen blender along with All That She Wants. It was an act of insane genius, but you can judge that for yourselves here.

And now comes the full single release of S.O.S. More brilliance, more big chorus, more production magic, more reason to love Femme before everyone else discovers her.

Not that you’ll need any more convincing by this point, but it’s worth stepping back a couple of years as well, to a time just before Femme became Femme, when she was recording under her real name, Laura Bettinson, as part of Ultraista, the project formed by Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich. Here they are, along with drummer Joey Waronker (Beck, R.E.M., and a host of others) performing Bad Insect live on KCRW.

S.O.S is out on May 4th. A launch show for the single will take place the week before at The Lexington on April 29th. Buy tickets HERE