Tracks - page 8

Young Empires - Sunshine

Young Empires, Sunshine, harmonies, bass, falsetto, keyboard breakdown, love, 'woo-ooh', 'I can't get you, get you out of my mind', good times.

XY&O - Low Tide

'Low Tide is the debut track from XY&O, an electropop trio from Cardiff who have the sound of summer pulsing through their veins.'

Infinity Girl - Firehead

With the ink still fresh on their recording contract for Topshelf Records, Brooklyn's Infinity Girl have released a new single, Firehead, and announced details of their second album, Harm.

Edger - Noose

Noose is a two and a half minute lo-fi and power pop romp that you'll be unable (and unwilling) to dislodge from your head once you've heard it. It's taken from **Rudiments**, the debut EP...

Beach Baby - No Mind No Money

'Beach Baby are a band to watch, and follow, and - above all - listen to. On No Mind No Money, once again all the elements work perfectly together.'

KINS - Young

Having spent most of 2014 on tour in the US, touring with Courtney Barnett and performaing at the SXSW and Bonnaroo festivals, London-based KINS have been back in the studio to record a new EP,...

ST. NIKLAS - Everything Is In Your Hands

Everything Is In Your Hands is the anthemic new single from Norway's ST. NIKLAS. I have in front of me a press release that talks of Coldplay (hmm), Keane (lots of thumbs up here for...

Grace Lightman - Vapour Trails

'The quite stunning Vapour Trails is the first fruit of a collaboration between Grace Lightman and producer San Felu. At first calm - almost sparse, definitely understated - it becomes orchestral, dramatic and truly spellbinding.'...

NÉONHÈART - Comatose

NÉONHÈART are a two piece electronic group from Los Angeles. Their debut single is called Comatose. You don't know it yet, but you're about to fall deeply in love with it.

Pink Film - Gut Wrench

Pink Film are a London-based quartet who announced themselves this week with the swaying, careening Gut Wrench. Playing a game of how many variations on a near-perfect opening riff can you fit into just over...

Trails and Ways - Jacaranda

Jacaranda is the third single taken from Pathology, the debut album by Trails and Ways, out now on Barsuk records. Channelling some of that Tahiti 80 summer-cool, this is the sound of people younger and...

Gengahr - Heroine

Heroine is the third single to be mined from Gengahr's imminent debut album A Dream Outside. Long before it arrives, you sense it’s building to a guitar crescendo of some grandeur.

Joy Atlas - Dismount

Dismount is the beguiling debut future-pop single from Joy Atlas. One for fans of everything wonderful and effervescent.

Matthew and Me - Kitsune

With their second single Kitsune following the success of last years debut Patterns, Matthew and Me are quickly showing they have a knack for balancing still centres inside beautiful storms.

Musique Le Pop - Same About You

Leaving their homes in the south of Norway behind, the members of Musique Le Pop headed North to write and record new single Same About You. Stopping only when they reached Finnmark, Norway’s northernmost county,...

Trails and Ways - Say You Will

Trails and Ways have announced a new track from their forthcoming album Pathology. Say You Will was written by bass player Emma Oppen; the original inspiration for the song came from falling in love with...

Vanbot - The Way You Say It

Vanbot has put out a third track from forthcoming second album Perfect Storm. It is almost, but not quite, a straightforwardly massive slice of euro-synth. And it's that "not quite" that makes The Way You...

Ella Janes - Mechanical Mind

Mechanical Mind is heavenly acoustic folk, built on Janes' pure vocal, with no more instrumentational embellishment than is required from a bit of guitar here, a few notes on the piano there. A superb track...

Yukon Blonde - Como

Catchy, catchy, catchy. Pretty much sums up the defining characteristic of Como, the new single from Yukon Blonde. Taken from their third album, On Blonde, due out next month, Como is splendidly effervescent indie pop...

Tessera Skies - Out of Sight

The members of Tessera Skies have backgrounds in speech, sound, science, classical music and jazz. On their latest single Out of Sight they whip delicate peaks out of those ingredients