North London 4-piece Gengahr give us Heroine, the third single to be mined from their imminent debut album A Dream Outside.

From the straight-down-to-business opening bars you identify this as a coherent follow-up to previous offerings Powder and She’s a Witch. There’s the same jangling charm to the melodies, and prominent again is Felix Bushe’s earnest falsetto, which has rightly or wrongly (mostly rightly) drawn some comparisons to Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s Ruban Nielson. There are stabs of woozy psych familiarity here and there, but ultimately the niche they’ve created feels like their own tender world.

The urgency grows; there’s push and playful pull, with quiet/loud/quiet dynamics teasing the listener. As with previous releases, long before it arrives, you sense it’s building to a guitar crescendo of some grandeur. And arrive it does, soaring like a lost Grandaddy anthem, but then, long before they allow this to become drawn out self-indulgence, it’s gone again, just as suddenly as the song started. You’d will it to go on longer, but it shows a band brimming with confidence that they are prepared to cut short at just over 3 minutes.

With a recent appearance at “musical dreamland” SXSW, their album dropping soon, a comprehensive summer festival run that takes in Reading and Leeds among others, as well as their own headline tour in the Autumn, good things are happening for Gengahr. In this song they ask their heroine to wait for them; she probably won’t have to wait long.

“A Dream Outside”, Gengahr’s debut album is released on June 15 on Transgressive Records.