Everything Is In Your Hands is the anthemic new single from Norway’s ST. NIKLAS. I have in front of me a press release that talks of Coldplay (hmm), Keane (lots of thumbs up here for the nicest band in the world), and Mumford and Sons. I gotta say, I’m not really hearing that last one, except maybe in the scale and ambition of Everything Is In Your Hands. I’d maybe toss in Thirteen Senses as a touchpoint, though, for that classic stadium-filling indie anthem guitar sound married with gentle vocals.

We wanted to recreate the dreamy feeling from the sound of “Everything Is In Your Hands” in the music video. But since we spent all our money on recording the song, we didn’t have the opportunity to travel to space ourself to play the leading role.

ST. NIKLAS kicks off his tour in Oslo, Norway, on June 13th. His debut EP will be released in late August, and then it’s back into the studio to finish off his debut album, due for release in 2016.