Such nice things we wrote about Beach Baby’s debut single Ladybird back in February. In March we featured the b-side, Bruise. We said things like “song of the year contender”, “a very impressive debut”, “you’ll want to savour for a long time”. But do we find any mention of this in the press release for follow-up single No Mind No Money? Do we find ourselves asked to be involved in some sort of premiere?

Of course we don’t: why, it’s as if we weren’t the only ones to realise that here was a new band destined for greatness, one so clearly harbouring a wealth of talent and who knows how many great singles, hooks, and lyrics. It’s as if bigger fish than ourselves were on the case from the start (probably before we got here, in truth).

Or perhaps it’s just that our use of the word ganache in the Ladybird review was a turn-off.

It’s as if Beach Baby are just too obviously a band to watch, and follow, and - above all - listen to. No Mind No Money certainly bears this theory out. Once again all the elements work perfectly together. The bass roams all over but only occasionally rises to the fore, the guitars pull weight when they need to, but chime when the time calls for it, letting vocals and sweet harmonies hold sway.

Any chance of an album soon?

No Mind No Money will be released digitally and as a 7-inch in the US on June 23rd via B3SCI Records (Chess Club Records in the UK) and is available for pre-order here: