RRP Recommends - page 5

Listen to the shoegazey post-punk of Dead Neighbors

The self-titled debut album from Dead Neighbors is a raucous, riffy, post-punk painting of a shoegazing world. If you're reading that and scratching your head, then have a listen to lead single Tell

Atlas Genius - Molecules

Molecules is the seriously good sounding, dancefloor pounding new single from Atlas Genius. The band have just released the official video for the track, adding epic lighting effects to epic sounds.

Nevski - Alligator

'Nevski are a French quartet who cite Belle and Sebastian among their influences: Alligator is a joyfully playful piece of indie-pop.'

Fans - Take It

Take It is the third song released from Fans' debut EP, Born Into. Mining solid indie rock strata, throwing on simple but elegant guitar lines and handclaps, it's like listening to early Strokes or Interpol...

Agarimo - On a Cycle

What do you get if you combine Galicia and Bristol? Award yourself a gold star if your answer mentioned forceful, driving indie-rock with an electronic flourish and intensity levels set to a constant, adrenaline-fuelled peak....

Hezekiah Jones - The Dark Heart's Out

The Dark Heart's Out is a beautiful new folk rock song from Hezekiah Jones. It explores an "illusory world full of anxiety and desolation", but in a reassuringly encompassing way, truly making the most of...

Surf Rock is Dead - Anymore

Anymore is a bloody lovely, jangly, dream-pop trip that leaves me wanting more from a band who can't help but conjure a summer sound with every beat.

Active Bird Community - Pick Me Apart

Pick Me Apart is the first single from the new album by the excellently named NYC rock band Active Bird Community. It's so catchy we'd give it a super-recommend if we had such a thing....

Fort Lean - Might've Misheard

Brooklyn five-piece Fort Lean are set to release their debut album Quiet Day this October. Ahead of it comes Might've Misheard - a fine taster for an album that takes in glam, new wave, and...

Sinfiction - Ugly Baby

Ugly Baby wastes no time in pulling out its top-notch indie dance moves, showing off some fine production and a video to go with the song's sorry tale of looking back and wondering where it...

Aloric - Who?

Who?, the new single from Aloric, more or less defyies easy categorisation or explanation. It begins in an almighty, rumbling maelstrom, before the clouds part and an angelic falsetto breaks through

Woodes x Elkkle - Flash Mob

Flash Mob's slick electronic sounds and video create a feeling of being a moment behind, observing an echo of reality rather than reality itself, leaving your grasping at something that's already passed.

Keyes - Black Magic

Black Magic is the first single proper from 18 year-old Warwickshire singer-songwriter, Keyes, following the success of Veins, earlier in the year.

Reverend & The Makers - Makin' Babies

Coming in just shy of two minutes long, Makin' Babies is bright 'n easy, and comes with a romantic video to raise a smile on even the toughest of mornings.

Shakes - Hole in your Pocket

Hole in Your Pocket is the debut single from Shakes - a new five-piece formed by five New Zealand friends who decided to 'make music from the sounds that most inspire them: fuzzy guitars, beat-era...

Wildling - Heart of Gold

Wildling's debut EP will be released in October. Ahead of it comes a cover of Heart of Gold. A brave choice: Wildling nail it.

The Passion Bearers - The Hours

Call me lazy if you must, but I think the music speaks for itself on The Hours, the debut single from the very appropriately named Passion Bearers. Which is why I'm not going to add...

The Persian Leaps - Dottie, Queen of the West

Minnesota trio The Persian Leaps have announced the release of their third EP, High & Vibrate, and a new single, Dottie, Queen of the West. Both are sure to demonstrate once again the band's keen...

Cheatahs - Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters is the first release from Mythologies, the forthcoming second album by Cheatahs. The band's self-titled debut just slipped into our Top 10 albums of 2014, and as a first taste of the follow-up...

Gunship - Tech Noir

Featuring brilliant retro claymation from Lee Hardcastle, Tech Noir is pure awesomeness in video form from Gunship.