The self-titled debut album from Dead Neighbors is a raucous, riffy, post-punk painting of a shoegazing world. If you’re reading that and scratching your head, then have a listen to lead single Tell:

Dead Neighbors are a three-piece from Athens, GA:

Songwriting, singing, and guitar duties were taken up by Sebastian Marquez, with Howard Stewart manning the drums and Alex Addington playing bass. Sebastian’s love of shoegaze and growing interest in punk bands like Mission of Burma laid the foundation for their textured and aggressive sonic palette. However, the band is anchored by Alex’s melodic bass lines and Howard’s pummeling drums. After two years and countless bar shows and house parties, Dead Neighbors present to you: themselves

You can buy Dead Neighbors, out now on Fallbreak Records, from the label’s bandcamp page. It’s available digitally or on cassette for those of you into the charm of the magnetic strip.

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