The Dark Heart’s Out is a beautiful new folk rock song from Hezekiah Jones. Taken from the forthcoming album In Loving Memory of oosi Lockjaw, it explores an “illusory world full of anxiety and desolation”, but in a reassuringly encompassing way, truly making the most of its arrangement. An unexpected gem, it must be said.

Hezekiah Jones is a musical collaboration of over 75 artists lead by Philadelphian native Raphael Cutrufello. As well as Cutrufello, the band’s third full length album features Brad Hinton on guitars and vocals, Philip D’Agostino on bass, Matt Helm on guitars, Kiley Ryan on fiddle and vocals, Daniel Bower on drums, and Andrew Lipke on whatever object was placed in front of his hands. The Jones family never truly stops growing though, as the band performs live with other artists often, including Chris Kasper, Chris Bathgate, Good Old War, Samantha Crain and many others.

In Loving Memory of oosi Lockjaw is out on November 13th, via Woodfarm.

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