What do you get if you combine Galicia and Bristol? Award yourself a gold star if your answer mentioned forceful, driving indie-rock with an electronic flourish and intensity levels set to a constant, adrenaline-fuelled peak. On a Cycle starts bold and strong, and never wavers, delivering three heady minutes of full-on headrush, bar a brief respite and a deep breath in the middle eight.

Agarimo (the band’s name comes from the Galician word for “in the shelter of”) is a new project from Bristol based brothers Pablo and Juan Mestres (Aye Aye, Waven400). On a Cycle is taken from their self-titled EP, recorded by the band along with Ignacio Vidales and Ben Capp at WoodShed studios, at their homes in Bristol, and also partially in their home country of Spain.

You can buy the EP from Bandcamp:

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