This Is How It Feels To Be INDIE! - Broadcast 07/10/15 by Radio_Scarborough on Mixcloud

Welcome to your weekly catch up on the This Is How It Feels To Be Indie radio show hosted by Adam Jeffery on Radio Scarborough. Last week’s show luckily didn’t have the technical gremlins of the week before and it opened with a storming triple whammy of songs starting with Suede who were closely followed by James and then rounded off nicely with Ocean Colour Scene. You won’t find an opening like that on other shows!

Also on the show were great tracks from New Order, Teenage Fanclub and some wonderful new music from Apollo Junction, Dexters and Ten Fe. There was also a track from The Sundays’ first album Reading, Writing and Arithmetic which had caused a bit of a conversation on Twitter before the show as we tried to work out if the album title was reading as in reading a book or Reading the place. After some discussion, the answer came to us via the one and only David Baddiel who confirmed it’s a pun on the place Reading where Harriet Wheeler is from. Don’t say this show doesn’t teach you important stuff!”

Anyway, you can find the full track listing on the Indie Radio Facebook page. Give us a like and a share please! You can also listen again to the show in full on Mixcloud here.

The weekly feature of The Best off a Best Of (hosted in conjunction with Everything Indie Over 40) was Ciao! The Best of Lush as the band have just reunited after breaking up in 1998. The winning song chosen by the Twitter massive was De-luxe. Great stuff from everyone who voted.

So now onto this week’s instalment of The Indie Vigil. Our willing participant this week is the lovely Samantha Woolridge. Before we get to her song choices, let’s find out a little bit more about Samantha first:

I’m originally from Lincoln, but moved to the South East in June 2000 and then to my adopted hometown of Milton Keynes in November 2001. I used to spend my time in Lincoln trawling the bargain bins at Woolworths for all my music. I found the Charlatans and the Stone Roses there, not sure what that says about me or Lincoln at the time!

My first gig was the one mentioned and the last was James at Scarborough this year. Other notable ones are Shed Seven in a field near Penrith, the Bluetones at Oxford Brookes, (obligatory I’ve been to University in Oxford gag) and Paul Weller at the Sanctuary in Milton Keynes. They knocked it down and built Asda on the site 2005. I hope all you rugby fans appreciate that.

And without further ado, here are Samantha’s three tracks:

Something Old

The Levellers - Julie

My first ever concert at The Empress Ballrooms in Blackpool way back in 1995. It was their Headlights, White Lights and Black Tar Rivers Tour. That night was filmed I still have the VHS somewhere despite not having a video player. I went up to the bar and was chatting to someone who I eventually realised was a member of the support band Chumbawamba when I saw her on stage. Julie wasn’t one of the songs that they played that night, but it’s one of their first songs I’d heard way back in ‘91 and I’ll always wonder what the outcome was.

Something Borrowed

Oasis - Cigarettes and Alcohol

Not sure this strictly counts, but one of my old work friends circa 2002 said I looked like a female version of the Gallagher brothers. Not sure that’s much of a compliment, but my something borrowed would be Oasis Cigarettes and Alcohol. Must’ve been the hoodie.

Something New

The Struts - Could Have Been Me

Not sure how I found these, one of those random Sunday mornings YouTubing with the cat at my feet! But I love this song and the band. I can see the comparisons, but oddly I’m not a huge fan of Queen.

Thank you to Samantha for sharing her song choices with us. I hope you enjoyed those and the stories that accompanied them as much as I did. Remember, if you want to get involved email Adam at and include why you’ve picked the songs and a bit about yourself so we can feature your story on these very pages.

Listen in to the show next week to find out who will be featured in the vigil and then come and join us for a debrief along with a replay of their tracks.

And finally, as always, don’t forget to tune in to on a Wednesday night to hear some great music and chat.